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For an accurate quote,
we will need the following information from you.

1.) The style or code #('s) of the garment(s).
The most popular T-shirt is style #2000.
The most popular hoodie is style #18500.
But there certainly are others. Check my suppliers' online catalogues. Here.

2.) How many and what sizes.
In MOST styles, sizes S - XL are one price
and larger sizes are a higher price.

3.) What colour(s).
Shirt colours and styles can be mixed and matched and
you'll still get the volume pricing.*
For example, you may want some Black t-shirts and some Red hoodies.
We'll add them together to give you the volume price.
* some restrictions may apply.

4.) How many colours in the print(s).
In screenprinting, every colour printed, adds cost.

5.) For numbering we need to know:
1 or 2 colour; which style; what colour(s); what size;
What number goes on what size garment,and where on the garment.

6.) Artwork. What have you got?
No art-prep charges apply if you send a colour-separated, SPOT colour, vectorized .eps.
Or a spot colour EDITABLE pdf.
We can also work with raster files such as; .bmp, .jpg, .psd. etc. but usually some art clean-up is necessary.
.doc ,.docx and files will almost always require additional prep work.

ALWAYS send the best you have. The closer to the original, the better.
Please ensure that ALL Licensed artworks (Trademark, Copyright, etc) are supplied with authorized written permission, allowing us to legally use them.

Having the ability to download an image from the internet does not qualify as authorization.

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